Sounds Brilliant

The GiiNii AudioBulb in certain situations looks like a godsend of an idea. In essence what you do is screw in the bulb (device) into a standard light socket. It contains an LED light bulb that is a 35 W equivalent. This aforementioned light has four stages of brightness plus off.

Combined with it is a 2.25 inch full range speaker. That’s why it’s called AudioBulb. The speaker derives it power from the 120 V lamp socket that is plugged into.

There is a base station that can take a variety of iPod iPhone devices. If you don’t want to use that it has a standard 3.5 mm auxiliary in connector. The base station is controlled with a dedicated 14 button remote control. Said base station can speak up to eight bulbs in Mono, or four each in stereo. The communication is done via Bluetooth.

Overall Amazon users give it a four out of a five star rating. Of the quibbles I find him to be, well quibbling. One guy doesn’t like the fact that it doesn’t have a jack for a subwoofer. Another person was complaining you cannot change out the LEDs (which are rated for 30,000 hours). Someone else complained that they won’t work in recessed lighting that has a full lens shield (duh? They are speakers!)One reviewer said they were great in a little exercise room in recessed lighting directly over the exercise equipment.

Me? I’m thinking about how wonderful it would be to have a sturdy pair of desk lamps at a workspace. Use a good wireless microphone, at my workstation with the AudioBulbs. Take the line out from the computer and listen to webinars, music, podcasts or what have you. When a Skype call comes in my computer automatically can reduce or completely mute the original audio source while I have a two way wireless Skype conversation.

While I am working I don’t need a subwoofer bouncing the keys for me on my keyboard. I just want clean accurate sound reproduction. I’m ready to give these a try.

GiiNii AudioBulb Wireless/Expandable LED Light bulb music system for iPod/iPhone/any music source

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